Dungeon Master

Reference Sheet

Mark Schofield

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Table of Contents

1. References

2. Run Dungeon Master

3. Spell Reference

Power Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Spell difficulty multipliers 8 12 16 20 24 28
Power Lo Lo Um Um On On Ee Ee Pal Pal Mon Mon

Priest spells

Symbol(s) Rune(s) Spell effect Difficulty
ViVi Health Potion 1
YaYa Stamina Potion 2
Zo Bro RaZo Bro Ra Mana Potion 3
Ful Bro KuFul Bro Ku Strength Potion 4
Oh Bro RosOh Bro Ros Dexterity Potion 4
Ya Bro DainYa Bro Dain Wisdom Potion 4
Ya Bro NetaYa Bro Neta Vitality Potion 4
Vi BroVi Bro Cure Poison Potion 1
Ya BroYa Bro Shield Potion 2
Ful Bro NetaFul Bro Neta Fire Shield (Party) 4
Ya IrYa Ir Shield (Party) 2
Des Ir SarDes Ir Sar Darkness 1

Wizard spells

Symbol(s) Rune(s) Spell effect Difficulty
Ful Ful Torch 1
Oh Ir Ra Oh Ir Ra Light 4
Zo Zo Open Door 1
Ya Bro Ros Ya Bro Ros Magic Footprints 1
Oh Ew Ra Oh Ew Ra See Through Walls 3
Oh Ew Sar Oh Ew Sar Invisibility (Party) 3
Zo Ven Zo Ven Poison Bomb Potion 2
Des Ven Des Ven Poison Bolt 1
Oh Ven Oh Ven Poison Cloud 3
Des Ew Des Ew Weaken Nonmaterial Beings 1
Ful Ir Ful Ir Fireball 3
Oh Kath Ra Oh Kath Ra Lightning Bolt 4
Zo Kath Ra Zo Kath Ra Zokathra Spell 0
Mark Schofield
Last updated : 29 December 2010